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About Me

I started following Bitcoin in mid-2012. On Bitcoin's 4th birthday, I launched an educational website detailing key milestones in Bitcoin's short history, my first project.

Ever since, I have dedicated my time and mindshare to Bitcoin while developing applications for the ecosystem.

  • Name Pseudonymous
  • Residence Australia
  • Language English
  • Vocation Self-Employed
  • Crypto Bitcoin only

What I Used To Do

Business Management

For 20 years from 1999, I operated a successful web hosting and website development business in Australia, managing thousands of customers and tens of thousands of domain names.

Process Automation

In consultation with enterprise businesses, I would lead development of software to automate repetitive manual tasks, ultimately saving money and streamlining processes for our client.

What I Do Now

Freelance App Development

I'm happy to lend my skills to Bitcoin-related, non-commercial projects. Pitch me your idea.


When I'm not consuming Bitcoin content or coding, I spend quality time with my wife and kids.

My Projects


Live Animated Price Chart


Bitcoin to Fiat Converter


Bitcoin Crowdfunding


Expose Twitter Impersonators


Bitcoin News Twitter Bot

Evil Blob Monster

Evil Blob Monster
Game Made With My Son

Other Tools

Child Pays For Parent Calculator - Enter a Bitcoin transaction and calculate bumping fee.
[Demo]   [Github]

CalmDown  browser extension - Change ALL CAPS tweets on to lowercase.
[Firefox]   [Chrome]

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