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About Me

I started following Bitcoin in mid-2012. On Bitcoin's 4th birthday, I launched an educational website detailing key milestones in Bitcoin's short history, my first project.

Ever since, I have dedicated my time and mindshare to Bitcoin while developing applications for the ecosystem.

  • Name Pseudonymous
  • Residence Australia
  • Language English
  • Vocation Self-Employed
  • Crypto Bitcoin only

What I Used To Do

Business Management

For 20 years from 1999, I operated a successful web hosting and website development business in Australia, managing thousands of customers and tens of thousands of domain names.

Process Automation

In consultation with enterprise businesses, I would lead development of software to automate repetitive manual tasks, ultimately saving money and streamlining processes for our client.

What I Do Now

Freelance App Development

I'm happy to lend my skills to Bitcoin-related, non-commercial projects. Pitch me your idea.


When I'm not consuming Bitcoin content or coding, I spend quality time with my wife and kids.

My Projects


Live Animated Price Chart


Bitcoin to Fiat Converter


Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Other Tools

Child Pays For Parent Calculator - Enter a Bitcoin transaction and calculate bumping fee.
[Demo]   [Github]

Scam Clerk for X (formerly Twitter)  browser extension - Block, mute or hide spam & ads from Twitter.
[Firefox]   [Chrome]

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